Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson


Adam Wilson is best known for his role as Tom Miller (regular) in the hugely successful ITV series, Broadchurch and the son of Jeremy Piven in ‘Mr Selfridge’. He first worked on a dozen short films, such as ‘Oscar’s Way’, ‘Red Summer’ and the Virgin Media short ‘The Jumper,’ before entering the world of TV.  Among the award-winning directors he has worked with are Clint Eastwood in ‘Hereafter,’ James Strong in ‘Broadchurch,’ Sean de Sparengo in ‘Counting Backwards,’ Jon Jones in ‘Mr Selfridge’.

Adam voiced the main character, Oliver, in the English language translation for Ni No Kuni, an anime-style RPG game for the PS3 platform.  The Level-5 / Studio Ghibli collaboration, originally released in Japan in 2011, is eagerly aniticipated for the European and North American markets January 2013.

Adam was born in Bristol and spent his early years near Leeds.  The family moved to the south of England in 2008 and he now lives in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Adam holds dual citizenship: a UK passport due to his English father and a US passport due to his American mother.

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